Postdoctoral workstation

The company's postdoctoral research station was upgraded from provincial to national level in 2015, and there are 2 postdoctoral staff.4 doctors。

One post-doctor has been trained,One post-doctor was selected in Jiangsu Province's "Double Innovation Plan" -enterprise,The postdoctoral fellow participated in a key research and development plan of Jiangsu Province as the technical leader during the station,Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department Environmental Protection International cooperation and implementation of international convention project 1,The research results involve direct economic benefits of 120 million yuan,Applied for 7 patents,Published 3 core journals。

Has undertaken 4 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects;Undertook 1 postdoctoral special research funding project;Independently initiated 20 research and development projects,Introduce high-level talents for the company,Promote the concentration of high-level talents to the company,Promote enterprise technological innovation and scientific research talent echelon construction;Promote the organic integration of the research strength of universities and research institutes with the superior resources of enterprises,We will promote the integration of industry, universities and research institutes,Improve the company's independent innovation ability to provide great support,It has played an important role in accelerating the research and development of environmental protection technology, the promotion and reference of the results。