Electroplating industry

Multistage physicochemical process of electroplating wastewater
    There are many kinds of electroplating processes and complex processes, and the water quality of electroplating wastewater of different enterprises is quite different, but the common feature is that they all contain heavy metal ions, acids, alkalis and other pollutants, in addition, the wastewater also contains a certain amount of organic matter, ammonia nitrogen and so on。Electroplating wastewater is divided into cyanide wastewater, heavy metal wastewater (containing hexavalent chromium wastewater, coke copper wastewater, electroless nickel plating wastewater, electroless copper plating wastewater), comprehensive wastewater and electroplating waste liquid。Our company, together with Nanjing University, developed a multistage physicochemical combination process to treat and reuse electroplating wastewater。
Process specification
    Cyanide-containing wastewater and complexation wastewater were treated by cyanide-breaking and complex-breaking reaction, respectively,Mixed with heavy metal wastewater,Recovery of heavy metals by resin adsorption as resources,Re-enter the membrane separation system to reuse wastewater;The film concentrated liquid was coagulated and precipitated by multistage oxidation reaction,The nanocomposite adsorption technology is used to check the concentration of heavy metals to meet the minimum emission limit of Taihu Electroplating industry in the Discharge Standard of Electroplating Pollutants (GB21900-2008) (Table 3 standard).。
Technical characteristics
    The incoming water from the production workshop is collected and treated by classification to improve the treatment efficiency and reduce the operating cost。